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National defense - First aid - civil risks - natural disasters - US flag
Defense nationale - Secourisme - dangers civils - catastrophe naturelle - Drapeau francais
National defense - First aid - civil risks - natural disasters - US flag
Defesa nationale - Soccorso - pericolo civile - catastrofe naturale - bandiera italiana

In this inverted LC siren model, the siren motor is attached to the top of the siren head. 
This changes the direction of rotation of the siren. Its direction of rotation becomes clockwise (LC sirens, like the other LM, DS types, are anti-clockwise (see scheme and photo below).

An "umbrella" plate protects the motor from bad weather.

Our LCi sirens have been designed for maritime areas, to reduce the effects of saline air on the motor shaft.

Inversed LC Sirens (LCi)

PAKITA Innovation

Photo Lci 2 English Scheme.jpg

Scheme of a Inversed LC Siren : LCi 

Sens de rotation LCi.jpg

Clockwise rotation of the inversed LC siren : LCi

Sens de rotation LC.jpg

Anti-clockwise direction of rotation of a classical LC siren

PAKITA Electromechanical warning sirens to alert and protect people to natural, technologic or nuclear risks, weather disasters, floodings, tornadoes, fires, explosions, terrorism, terrorist attacks. Civilian protection, civil defense, Home land defense, curfew, Seveso disasters, Moteurs FOX, France/USA.

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