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Electromechanical Outdoor 

Warning SIRENS

Install a siren to initiate a curfew

DS3AP (ATEX + Horns)

Warning Pakita Sirens, from low to high power warning sirens - Warn population - Terrorism, natural disasters and urban disasters - Flooding, tsunamis, tornados, forest fires, Pennsylvania/Tourcoing - USA/France

• PAKITA electro-mechanical warning siren quality depends on a more than 60 years professional siren manufacturing experience,


• Moteurs FOX is the world leader in manufacturing PAKITA Sirens,

• Conform with civil safety requirements and compliant with EU legislation,


• Produce stronger and further reaching sound than electronic sirens while providing far better reliability,

• Electro-mechanical Sirens are more reliable, longer lasting, durable and cost effective than electronic sirens,

• Electro-mechanical Sirens are less susceptible to lightning strikes and power surges than electronic sirens,

• PAKITA sirens are Omni-directional sirens providing a greater area of coverage than do rotating or directional devices. They provide a more constant signal that improves public alerting.

Civil defense sirens: protection of civilian populations against risks, health threat in urban areas, natural disasters, forest fires, mass terrorism, environmental hazards, risks of storms, tornadoes, flooding or tsunamis, chemical or nuclear explosions.

PAKITA outdoor warning siren manufacture
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PAKITA Electromechanical outdoor warning sirens to alert populations to natural, technologic or nuclear risks, floodings, fires, explosions, terrorist attacks. Civilian protection, Home land defense, curfew, Seveso disasters, Moteurs FOX, France/USA.

Contact FRANCE:

Moteurs FOX Sarl - Immeuble Forge Bellevue

27 rue Franklin Roosevelt - BP 10131




​Tel: +33 3 20 01 73 76

Fax: +33 3 20 01 80 29

Contact USA:

PAKITA Sirens International Representative

Customer Services

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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